All of our staff are trained with first aid qualifications and we have pre-established links with local doctors, dentists and hospitals in case of emergency. In case of minor accidents, each activity base is equipped with a first aid kit. Full records of treatment are kept and parents are always alerted in an emergency. For some small accidents (e.g. bumps, scratches and grazes) we will not normally contact parents unless deemed necessary. Full risk assessments are available for all activities upon request.

for schools

Camel Camps are here to provide a safe and stimulating environment within which students learn new skills and grow in confidence.

Overall responsibility for the wellbeing of all students on the camp lies with the school and responsible teachers until the point at which each activity provider assumes responsibility at the start of their session. Once the session is over, responsibility will then be handed back to the school/teachers until the next activity session commences.

Camel Camps is not responsible for the day to day welfare of children when not directly in our care for a Camel Ski School activity session. However, to assist with the smooth running of all camps, we shall have a member of staff on hand 24 hours a day (1 male and 1 female), should the teachers require additional support out of activity session times. This member of staff is fully trained in Camel Camp procedures and enhanced DBS checked.

Camel Camps require a behavioural contract from all schools.

For parents

We need to know in advance about any congenital complaints and/or standard illnesses (e.g. asthma, allergies, epilepsy) and whether your child has been in hospital for any reason within the 6 months prior to the camp. Please provide full details at the time of booking.

You will also be asked to complete a Medical and Emergency Contact Form, including a telephone number where we can always contact you in the event of an emergency during the camp. Where appropriate, please provide all relevant information concerning medical conditions and any medication or drugs currently being administered. Any pills or medication must be handed to the responsible school teacher upon arrival, together with details of daily dosage and administration. The school will be responsible for administration of any medication held for use with your child.

We must be advised in advance if your child is currently or has recently experienced any major illness, disabilities, behavioural or social problems that may affect him/her or our other guests. We then may request written confirmation from your GP confirming the suitability of the holiday for your child. We will naturally treat any personal information sensitively and respect confidentiality.

If your child has a birthday during his/her Camel Camp stay then please do let us know before they travel and we shall endeavour to make their day special!